CNC Chop Saw Cutting 

Our 18" blade 7 horsepower pneumatic operated chop saw has the power to handle your cutting needs. This saw, coupled with our Omga FP 3000 CNC controlled programmable stop, can efficiently and accurately process your linear part cutting.

Great for processing wood, aluminum extrusions/bar stock, fiberglass composite tubes and plastic rod/bar stock.

Cutting Off Capacity:

Thickness x Width:  2" x 12", 3" x 11", 4" x 10"

Wide Belt Sanding/Surfacing

Our 36" wide, 15 horsepower Timesaver brand wide belt sander has the capacity and power to handle your sanding needs. Our sander has digital measuring readout for accurate setup . We can efficiently and accurately surface your parts .

Great for processing wood parts, doors, cabinet parts, resizing Hexcel composite and many other materials.

Sanding Capacity:

Up to 36" wide X 5" thick and 144" long.

Warehousing/Material Handling 

Our large shop and warehouse space allows for extensive material storage. If your project requires several hundred sheets of material, we can handle that!

With a wide range of material handling equipment we are able to facilitate receiving truck loads of material as well as managing material flow in the shop.

Light Assembly

We offer light assembly to assist in your production flow.

With our knowledge and experience specifically in the cabinet/furniture and wood products industry, we can help refine the design and manufacturing of your product. Manufacturing can be challenging -- let our experience become an asset.