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Located in Chandler, Arizona (metropolitan Phoenix), we offer CNC routing services of wood, plastic, composite, nonferrous metal (aluminum), rigid foam, solid surface, Alucobond, ACM, 3form, slatwall and other specialty materials at competitive prices.  It is our priority to provide parts that are precisely machined with a superior edge quality.  We are a small company with high capacity due to 2 production duty routers. As well as a large warehouse for storing raw materials and finished projects.  We micromanage projects at a very detailed level.  We like it that way!

If you currently utilize waterjet services, consider using CNC routing as an alternative which allows for pocketing, chamfering, counter boring and other machining and milling operations that often can not be done on the typical waterjet machine.

From prototypes to large scale production runs, our shop can handle your routing needs.  Call us at 480-694-2615 or email us at with your questions and ideas.

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